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SPOF Overview


The Science Planning and Operations Facility (SPOF) is the component of the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics/Global Geospace Science (ISTP/GGS) program responsible for the development and coordination of ISTP science planning operations, and operates under the direction of the ISTP Project Scientist.

The ISTP ground data handling system includes the spacecraft, the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN), the Japanese Institute of Space and Astronautical Science's (ISAS) deep space network, the NASA/GSFC Data Capture Facility (DCF), the ISTP Central Data Handling Facility, the NASA/GSFC Data Distribution Facility (DDF), and the ISTP SPOF. Click here to see a diagram of the ISTP ground data handling system.

SPOF Interfaces

The SPOF computer system consists of four UNIX-based workstations, one Macintosh and one PC interfaced via the GSFC Local Area Network with the CDHF and the GSFC Command Management System (CMS). Click here to view a diagram of the SPOF functional interfaces.

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