Geosynchronous and Ground-Based Key Parameter Survey Plots

NOTE that the ISTP Key Parameter data is provided as a BROWSE product, intended to aid in the selection of intervals for futher study. As such, Key Parameter data should not be used for publiction without prior consent from the appropriate Principal Investigator(s).

Plot Format

The Geosynchronous and Ground-Based survey plots show, from top to bottom :

For the satellite data, the dashed vertical lines identify the times when the respective spacecraft passed through magnetic midnight. For the CANOPUS data, the vertical lines correspond to the magnetic midnight times for the easternmost and westernmost stations that contribute to computation of the Cu and Cl indices. Particle fluxes are color coded according to the type of particles: electrons (red), protons (blue), and He++ (green).

For reference, the generation date for the plot, strings identifying the CDF files used to generate the plot are included under the time and position labels.

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Last updated: May 13, 1996