Catalog of Global Geospace Science Events

1. Description of the Event Process

Global Geospace Science Events are periods in which scientifically interesting phenomena of interest to the GGS community have been identified and high resolution data from instrumentation, required for analysis of the event, are pledged by the responsible Principal Investigators.

To accomplish the Global Geospace Science (GGS) scientific goals, a need exists to quickly identify and provide widespread recognition of scientifically interesting phenomena (events) from the data acquired from the vast array of instrumentation on the GGS spacecraft, collaborating spacecrafcraft, and ground-based facilities. Events will generally be identified from Key Parameter (KP) data. A phenomenon identified as a GGS event should require for analysis data from multiple instruments on-board multiple spacecraft and possible from the ground-based facilities. A timely analysis of such events will require rapid access to the data and a scientist to lead the analysis activity.

The Catalog of GGS Events provides the mechanism for communicating to the GGS community the identification of events, their status, and the method by which Principal Investigators of the instruments from which data are needed can pledge priority processing of their data.

1.2 Establishment of an Event

Members of the GGS Science Teams, ISTP associated scientists, and the space science community at large can provide candidate time periods for Events (Candidate Event).

To become a Provisional Event with an entry in the Event Catalog, which provides a pointer to the Event Home Page, a scientist must submit an application for a Provisional Event based on the template provided in this document (see section 2) and must identify a Leader. The Leader has the following responsibilities:

a) Develop a Home Page for the Event.
b) Seek agreements with the investigators from whom data are required to provide the data in the necessary resolution and format.
c) Maintain the Home Page.
d) Submit the Event to the ISTP Project Scientist for approval as a Provisional Event.
e) Present the Provisional Event to the GGS Science Team for approval as an Approved Event.
f) Lead the analysis of the Event.

1.3 Event Catalog

The Project Scientist shall maintain the Page Catalog of GGS Event for Provisional and Approved Events. The format of the Catalog follows:

	Column		Contents
	1		Start of event: YYDDD hhmm
	2		End  of  event: YYDDD hhmm
	3		Type of event
	4		Name of Event Leader
	5		Title and Pointer to Event Home Page
	6		Status (P=Provisional; A=Approved)

1.4 Required Event Data

Upon designation as a Provisional Event, the Principal Investigators of the instruments or facilituies from which data are required will be requested by the Event Leader to pledge the timely processing of their higher resolution data for submission to the ISTP Central Data Handling Facility (CDHF) as Common Data Format (CDF) files.

1.5 Approved Event

Upon presentation of a Provisional Event to the GGS Science Team by the Event Leader, the Team will vote whether to accept the Event as an official GGS Approved Event.

At GGS Science Team meetings, the status of Event data submission will be reviewed.

2. Creating the GGS Event Home Page.

To generate the Event Home Page, the GGS Event Leader must use the template created by filling the form 'Creating the GGS Event Home Page'.

3. Catalog of GGS Events.

4. Table of ISTP Missions and Instruments.

This server and the information being made available are evolving as the ISTP Planning and Operations evolve.
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Last updated: March 17, 1997